20 Best Cooking Tips of All Time

So what’s that only one thing you think of whenever your stomach calls? Obviously, it’s the food. It has always been the most understandable love of our lives. It does all the wonders from charging up your mood to keeping you in the pink. And if you are into cooking, that just adds an extra perk to prepare anything you feel eating like.

Yet, no matter how much pro you become in your kitchen life, everyone still needs a pinch of advice that helps you a lot in cooking. So I guess you understood where I am trying to aim at. Hence, I thought of why no help you with the 20 Best Cooking Tips of All Time that will be very useful to you in every aspect of preparing your food in the kitchen. These tips are very common and they are the best formulas throughout the ages. So I think you must know them.

You now know about how to be a grill chef, you have the panini press recipes, it is time for the tips. Ready?


Understand the Recipes

It is essential to read the recipes if you are planning to prepare something out of your cooking menu. Of course, the recipes must have reliable sources before you jump into the process. Even if you need to read them twice for that, do it without any hesitation. Although you might feel that you know every technique of cooking the food that you are preparing from the recipe. Hence you choose to go through it for once. However, it’s better to understand every step of the process rather than skim it quickly and start cooking on your own. Hence, recipes are not for reading them. They are there to let you know every step of the cooking process so that you can get a good result.

Organize Every Element in Advance

Before you step into the process of cooking your food, it’s very important to assemble every food element near you. However, the most common mistakes people make are they proceed to cook with the basic ingredients than gathering everything close to them. It’s like you think of picking up the other elements while the food is already cooking over heat. That’s where you get all the things wrong. However, prepare everything before heat up the appliance and then you can proceed to cook the food.

Toss Out Hurrying Tendency

No matter how much less time you get for cooking, the most mainstream thing you do is cooking them in hurry. Cooking is quite a lengthy thing to do. So you have to keep a decent time in your bag to use it for cooking. There are ways to prepare quick meals; however, the food yet needs time to cook itself for you. So, show a little care to your foods, because hurrying will end up spoiling them. Then the time you used on it will become a waste.cooking tips

Be Careful with the Cut

Every food needs chopping and slicing before you put them over heat. Hence, you should always be careful while you are dealing with chopping and slicing. Besides, most of the chefs end up cutting their fingers for chopping the food ingredient in rush and carelessly of course. Hence, you should realize the importance of cutting the foods with all the care so that you can protect your fingers being chopped off with them. Thus, do activate your alertness while you are busy with the cuts.

No Overcrowding Your Dish

 Every cook knows that foods release moisture while they are cooking. Hence, they need sufficient space to get themselves cooked. However, if you put a large quantity of food in a small cooker, they will never cook evenly. Therefore, some parts of the food will remain raw and you might end up hitting your head. So, give your food an ample room so that they get enough space to cook properly. If you plan to cook something in a small pan, but you got the huge quantity of the ingredient, cook them in batches.

Get Some Fresh Ingredientscooking tips

The taste of your cooking food always depends on its freshness. So whenever you roam around the market to get the ingredient, grab the fresh-looked foods. Turn yourself as a powerful detective and scan the state of every ingredient you intend to buy for cooking. Moreover, avoid using old, expired spices. I would say similar things for other ingredients as well. Grab high-quality meats rather than the regular one. Because the quality meat tastes way better than them. Toss out the elements you think that have lost their freshness to trash. Try to put a little effort to buy the foods or vegetables every other day for your meal. This will help you to be on track so that your mood does not get spoiled for having a bad meal day.

Avoid Cooking in a Cold Dish

No matter how much in a rush you are never ever put your food in a cold pan. I understand that you have a very busy schedule and you tend to cook the food as fast as possible. Yet, when you get your food into a colder dish and heat it up, the food releases moisture soon after it catches the heat. For this, the food loses its moisture and you end up consoling yourself to eat the dry one. Hence, it is better to heat up your dish at first so that the moisture stays in the food. So, you can enjoy a nice juicy meal to make your day.

Cooking Wet Meat or Fish is a Fig NO 

Almost every kitchen master advises us to avoid cooking frozen meat or fish directly into the pan. They have always recommended bringing them to room temperature at first then cooking it. Yet, we somehow tend to avoid that and think of heating up the food from the fridge directly. However, when you do that, the outer part of the food gets overcooked till the internal temperature rises. So, keep the frozen food outside for some time before taking it to the dish to heat

Give Your Meat a little Time to Take Rest

Whenever you are done with cooking your meat, I know you actually think of eating it right after that. But ignore that tendency. It’s because the moisture of the meat moves towards the outer part after it is cooked. Hence, when you cut it at that instant you will lose its juices as they spill out on your plate. To avoid that, you should let your meat rest. So, the juices get time to move back to the center of the meat and keep itself juicy. If you have questions on the duration of their rest, well I will say it completely depends on the size of it. Like for steaks, you can spare 3-5 minutes whereas 10-20 minutes for roasts and 30-45 minutes for larger meats


Don’t be Afraid to Tweak, but Try not to Over-improvise

I know you are just a greenhorn to the field and you have to follow every step of the recipe. Once you learn the process, you can alter the recipe with your unique formulas. However, try not to improvise too much while you are cooking. It might spoil the taste of your food. Besides, try to play around with the food that gets along with other ingredients pretty well. It similarly goes for substitution of the food ingredient as well.

Add Friend Request to Fire

Heat is one of the most common parts of cooking that you find in the kitchen. And fire means adding more flavor to your food. But, there are many people who try to avoid cooking just because they are afraid of heat. If you love cooking, then you must make it your friend. So getting scared of heat will never help you cook properly. So, you have to deal with the heat via staying close to it because there is no other option of turning your food other than your hand and a turner. So, a little burn up is a normal thing, yet you still have to be careful while staying close to it. Besides, you can open the window after you finish preparing your meal. This will take all the smoke away from your kitchen.cooking tips

Take a Pinch of Salt for the Cast-iron Pans

Cleaning a cast-iron pan is a messy thing to do. But if you waste some salt on it for cleaning rather than the soap, then it does all the job. Trust me, it truly does. It is a fast and easy trick that you can use to clean up the pan. With this, you can soak up the oils that break down the seasoning and make the pan go rusty. Moreover, the salt also plays a big role to remove the stuck-on bit via drying it out.

Grab a Fish Spatula 

 You will find various types of spoons in the kitchen field and they play different roles for cooking method. But you really do not need all of them. So, a fish spatula is all you need to use it for everything. This is a perfect substitution of all the spoons that you can use it for frying something to baking and grilling and anything. You can call it an “everything spatula” as it perfectly does the entire job with it.

Soak the Brown Bice

If your time is as precious as your life and you don’t want to waste any second of it, then this is a great tip for you. Steep the rice in a covered pot and keep it in the fridge for overnight. It helps to trim the time for cooking rice and will save your 20 minutes to 45 minutes. So, It is a faster technique to cook the rice. Besides, if you soak whole grains, it will cut the element of an enzyme inhibitor that prevents minerals that our body takes.

Microwave to Soften Brown Sugar

You can use the microwave to soften the brown sugar. All you have to do is just drop the sugar block in the bowl. Sprinkle with a teaspoon of water and then cover damp paper towel. After that, put them in microwave for 30-second intervals so that you can keep a track of the sugar until it gets soft.

A Jar for Dressings cooking tips

 If you are into veggies, and you do not know how to deal with vinaigrettes, this tip is for you. You can get a jar for yourself because that will indeed help you out with dressings. Hence, put some vinegar, mustard, flavoring, and oil in your favorite jar. Then screw the top to tighten it and then shake. This will give you a great taste in salads.  Moreover, you can also store it in the jar for having it later.

Cook Pasta in Sauce

Cooking is pasta in the actual sauce has never been the process that you have learned in the kitchen. But, this trick will definitely change the entire taste of the pasta to a different appetizing level. Hence, dip the cooked pasta into the pan of sauce, stir them out a little, add a splash of water or butter, and then prepare to serve it. And you know what result you will get? A creamy, mouthwatering pasta that will absolutely satisfy your stomach.

More Salt for More Fat

No, I did not write it up to tell you to be fat for adding salt. This one is for letting you know the maintenance of the flavor of the dish for using salt. Hence, if the dish has more fat in it, add more salt. This will enhance the flavor of your cheesy burger or pizza and will taste really good.

Use What You Have 

 Once you learn which flavor complements which food, you can cook anything good out of it. You really do not have to have that exact ingredient in your hand to add it for cooking. You can try out using the ingredients that are staying inside your kitchen and can prepare a great meal from them. Besides, lemon, rosemary, and garlic are the most common things you find right at home. Cut the garlic and rosemary and put them on meat or fish and then in the oven. After about 20 minutes you can have a great meal with a little juice of lemon in it. Additionally, you can tweak it with any other ingredient, all you need is just a bit of confidence.

Pressure Cooker for beans cooking tips

The most life-saving trick to prepare the beans is to use it in a pressure cooker. I can guaranty that it will not taste different rather will save a lot of time from cooking. However, putting the beans into the cooker will give you the best-dried beans. It will just take about half an hour of cooking time rather than 3 hours with the overnight soaking hours. So, this trick will help you get a perfectly seasoned beans with a creamy touch throughout of it.

These are the most common tips you will get to hear from most of the chefs or kitchen masters. As they have certified these tips and tricks, you can use them to improve your cooking field. They are not only simple but also very useful once you step to try them out.

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